Prime MinisterEdit

Council of MinistersEdit

Office Incumbent Party affiliation
Prime Minister of the State of Libya Ali Zeidan Independent
First Deputy Prime Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman
Second Deputy Prime Minister Awad Al-Baraasi
Third Deputy Prime Minister Abdussalam Al-Qadi
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Defense
Minister of the Interior
Minister of Justice Salah Bashir Margani National Front
Minister of Finance
Minister of the Economy
Minister of Religious Affairs Abdulsalam Mohammed Abusaad Homeland Party
Minister for International Cooperation Mohamed Imhamid Abdulaziz National Centrist Party
Minister of Tourism Ikram Abdulsalam Imam Independent
Minister of Local Government Abubaker Al-Hadi Mohammed National Front
Minister of Communications and Information Technology Osama Abdurauf Siala National Forces Alliance
Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Baldur Martz SNP


General National CongressEdit

Political partiesEdit


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